In this fast moving life, a rest is always a better solution to get a fresh mind. You can cool yourself from many ways. But inner peace of heart and mind can only get from a place with extraordinary powers. We are pointing towards a spiritual place. You will never get the peace like a spiritual place in this world.

Whole India is known as a home of spirituality. You cannot cover all the sites in a single tour, so choosing a place will be a better option for you. The Dwarka Somnath will be great to get a spiritual touch. This is great tour belongs to Gujarat.

From the name of Dwarka, you can guess about the place. The Dwarka is totally dedicated to Lord Krishna. You will get all the information related to Lord Krishna here. The roaming in the Dwarka will give you feeling that you are in the era of Lord Krishna, the Dwapara Yuga. All the temples in Dwarka belong to the time of Lord Krishna like Sudama Temple, Rukmani temple, Dwarikadheesh Temple etc.

After Dwarka, you will visit the Somnath Temple. This temple is famous for the Shiva Linga. This is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Even air is also filled with the name of Shiva and positive energy here. You will get a real touch of spiritual power in this temple.  This tour comes under our Mandir Yatra. You will get all our support after reaching Ahmadabad.